• In the summer of 2019 I opened the doors to my studio for the first time in 20 years. The volume of work is awesome. It's a real treat to be able to step back and consider the evolution of this visual language. There is an air of excitement and vulnerability that comes with the desire to share this journey. And perhaps delve back into and explore aspects of it from a new place. It really started kicking in 2004 with the emergence of Nya, the first character that appeared to me and became the beginning of the story ‘An Unanswered Question’. Following this I landed my first studio space in 2009 and for several years couldn't stop painting circles, stones, cell-like shapes. From this landscapes and animals appeared accompanied by lots and lots of gold. Then in 2012 I had my first show of Mandalas, which much like the circles, were an almost uncontrollable release. The Mandalas inspired feathers, vaginas, whales, totems and words. With this my second story, ‘Aaron’s Lullaby’, came based on a song I had written during that time.


    Over the coming months I will begin to gradually share and release some of these pieces.







    "Danielle's work is universal."

    - Ash Selby

    "I was immediately totally struck by her work. Both in her paintings and in her writings."

    - Harriet Frazer MBE, Founder of Memorials by Artists and the Lettering Arts Trust.