My work reflects a journey between abstract and figurative form defined by the subtle movement to and from the surrender of control. From this process characters and stories emerge that underpin the more commercial side of my work. In this way the subconscious becomes conscious; the unseen becomes seen; the psychotic finds solace, and becomes celebrated rather than feared.














  • "I was immediately totally struck by her work...She seems to lay bare her heart and soul in such a delicate and beautiful way. Both in her paintings and in her writings."


    - Harriet Frazer MBE, Founder of Memorials by Artists and the Lettering Arts Trust.

  • Mother Mountain. 2019. 5ft 5" x 5ft 5". Oil and acrylic on canvas.

  • Inana's Birth. 2012. 5ft 10" x 5ft 10". Oil on canvas.