• Danielle Singer Moore is a native Londoner and award winning artist (spoken narrative for the film One and Other, Best Promotional Film, Believe Psychology Film Festival 2020). Her playful style integrates bold colour, hand drawn and graphic form. Each piece is uniquely created. Danielle lifts her stories and illustrations from original writings, songs and paintings. Her work is collected internationally..


    “To explore the human experience through images and words is one the most uplifting traditions we can share with one another. In a precious moment we can become transported, through the power of our imagination, to a place of comfort or fear, as we follow our hero through their story and perhaps find a deeper meaning in our own".







    "Danielle's work is universal."

    - Ash Selby

    "I was immediately totally struck by her work. Both in her paintings and in her writings."

    - Harriet Frazer MBE, Founder of Memorials by Artists and the Lettering Arts Trust.





    "Let's hitch a ride on the back of a whale

    You take the lead

    I'll leave a trail

    For the sky to follow

    All the way into tomorrow"


    - 'Let's Hitch A Ride'

    "As soon as it touched the delicate wing it began to transform into a young man. He had been asleep for so long that when he finally awoke he thought he was still dreaming. His name was Madamomo and he was one of Nya's children.


    The drop that had fallen contained everything. The moon and the mountains, the movements of all things, the mysteries of forever."


    - 'An Unanswered Question'



    “My whiskers are as wide as my body, so that I can see, if a space is big enough, or too small for me.”


    - ‘A Cat’s Tail’